Woman tried to stop man later involved in shooting of IMPD officer

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Bailee Robison and George Becker were on their way to dinner Sunday night at the Cracker Barrel restaurant near 25th Street and Post Road when they spotted a man running through the parking lot of the Lowe’s store nearby with a shopping cart full of tools.

“We realized he’s shoplifting,” said Robison. “He was loading up everything in his car and we were kind of talking to him for a bit. He couldn’t get his car started so he loaded everything he stole back into the cart and ditched it in the parking lot and he kept trying to get his car started over and over again and it just wouldn’t turn over.”

Becker pulled his pickup truck into the parking lot to block William Allen’s pathway to escape.

“I pulled the truck right in front of him and asked the guy, ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ And he goes, ‘Nothing.’ I was like, ‘Are you stealing?’ ‘Yeah. I got kids to feed.’ And I was like, ‘This ain’t the way to do it.’”

While Robison dialed 911 to report a theft in process, Becker watched Allen run off across the parking lot, leaving the couple to continue their quest for dinner.

It was only a half hour later, during the meal, that Robison’s cell phone signaled her to a police-action shooting not far from their location.

“I said, ‘Oh my gosh, we were just talking to this guy and that was the guy we stopped.’”

Several blocks away, Allen battled with IMPD Officer Eric Rosenbaum.

In a preliminary probable cause affidavit, detectives reported that Rosenbaum told them that as he was attempting to subdue Allen, his Taser had no impact on the resister and at one point Allen said to the patrolman, “You’re gonna die today,” and when the officer was shot during the struggle, “Allen still had his hand on the gun.”

With the help of neighbors in the 9000 block of Galaxy Lane, IMPD apprehended Allen in a backyard while Rosenbaum was being rushed to Eskenazi Hospital.

Rosenbaum is reported in stable condition with a gunshot wound to the thigh.

Allen is currently jailed, awaiting his preliminary hearing.

Becker and Robison said that despite the result of Sunday night’s encounter, they would not hesitate to step in again.

“I had no idea if the guy had a gun on him but he actually tried walking up to the side of the truck and I had to calmly but firmly tell him to step away because at this point I carry all the time so I had my gun in my hand and I’m sitting there like, ‘What’s this guy gonna do?’” said Becker. “I don’t deal with thieves or nothing. I’ve had stuff stolen from me like wheels off cars and everything so I don’t play none of that.”

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