Woman’s car covered in BBQ sauce after parking space dispute

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INDIANAPOLIS – A woman believes an argument over a parking space led to her car being covered in BBQ sauce, police say.

According to a report from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, an officer was called to 130 W. Market St. Saturday night for a report of “inappropriate use of a liquid flavoring sauce” after a woman found her vehicle covered in a dark substance.

Earlier in the day, the woman said she was involved in a dispute with another driver over a parking space, which she won. When she returned to her car, she noticed someone had “rudely poured the liquid flavoring sauce all over her vehicle.”

The woman “believes that the person responsible for this cowardly act is the loser of the parking spot battle,” the report said.

An officer wrote that the liquid was “dark and thick” in nature and appeared to be a “Kansas City type BBQ sauce.” The officer turned to his “dining and eating experience” to come to that conclusion. No one witnessed the saucy spectacle.

“There appeared to be no damage to the vehicle besides needing a good car wash,” the officer concluded.

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