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INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis woman was able to fend off a group of guys who pulled a gun on her while trying to steal her car.

Kari Bird just started law school and continues to work full time. Bird got home at 11:30 p.m. Wednesday and when she got out of her car, a group of three or four young guys approached her.

“I really didn’t think too much about it, one of (them) was smiling,” Bird said.

He was smiling, but he quickly pulled out a gun.

“He told me to … give him my keys,” Bird said.

She did turn over her keys, but realizing all her law books and belongings were in the car, Bird made a quick decision. With the gun still pointed at her, she reached into her center console to pull out her own gun.

“(He said), ‘Oh s***’ and then ran,” Bird told Fox 59.

Bird said the boys looked like teenagers and as a mom, she can’t get that out of her head.

“If these were my kids and they were out at 11:30 at night, terrorizing women, I would scare the life out of them,” Bird said.

She doesn’t want to be an example for whether or not you should carry a gun, but said that she does want everyone—especially women—to keep their own safety in mind.

“You have to be aware of what can happen,” Bird said.

She’s thankful it did turn out alright, but wants those boys to know that this is no way to treat anyone.

“They need to stop this. They’re not going down a good road,” Bird said.

The group is described as three or four teenagers, possibly 14-17 years old. The one who pulled the gun is described as husky, wearing a black hoody over a light shirt. If you know anything about this case, call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.