Women struggling to get pregnant raising funds for fertility treatments on Mother’s Day

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — While many of us are excited to celebrate mom, there are some women who have a hard time on Mother’s Day. And this year they’re coming together to recognize those women who haven’t had the chance to become a mom, yet!

Cher Kimbrough has the deepest desire to become a mother. And she’s ready. Her home consists of a fully furnished nursery to welcome a child that hasn’t been conceived

“Let’s set my intent for what it is that I want. So I just came up I took what was my dressing room and emptied it all out and just started painting and decorating for our child,” Cher said.

And Mother’s Day is a harsh reminder the room is still empty.

“It’s month after month that we are grieving and then we keep saying to ourselves next Mother’s Day is finally going to be different. You know I ‘m either going to be pregnant or have a baby,” Cher said.

Cher and her partner Samuel have been trying for more than four years to get pregnant. After realizing their dreams wouldn’t come true naturally, they started to research fertility treatments and were blown away with the cost.

“Like how can they afford that? Like that’s a lot of money. Here in Indy it’s $20,000.”

So Cher decided to not only come up with ideas to raise funds for herself but also to help other families. They’ll come together Sunday for a 5K walk to honor women who are still waiting to receive their gift.

“I want to keep this going. I want to help other couples have babies. I mean there’s no reason why that kind of born right is something that has to be taken away from us,” Cher said.

Cher and Samuel still have hope and that’s what they want to spread to others.

“There’s a purpose behind it. We’re going to help other couples and we are trying to get Indiana to be that 16th state to recognize the need for funding so we’re going to be okay.”

For more on the walk click hereCher also started a petition to push for fertility funding in Indiana.

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