INDIANAPOLIS – Sunday became the 9th day with high temperatures running more than 10 degrees colder than average. This trend reverses in a major way in less than 24 hours.

Making a run at average highs

It shouldn’t need to be the title here, but reaching average would be a big step in our warm up. Monday may be the day to do just that. Our weather pattern has strongly favored cold weather thanks to a deep trough across the Eastern US. That has since retreated to the northeast and opened the door for a more seasonable week. Monday will capitalize on a mostly sunny sky and a strong westerly wind, which will be pulling air from warmer parts of the country. As a result, we’ll see temps climb from the low 20s to mid-upper 40s throughout the day. Our average high is 49, so that will be our benchmark for the day.

Mild, but disruptive weather heading into the holiday

The best days this week will undoubtedly be Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday will be crystal clear with a bit of a breeze, though not as windy as Monday. The warming will take up into the low 50s after a morning in the 20s. Wednesday will be a bit cloudier, but the air mass we’re in will continue to warm. Highs will reach the mid 50s.

Thanksgiving will follow suit, perhaps becoming our warmest day of the week. It will be breezy with limited sun outside of the early morning. Despite the lack of sun, the warm air mass & strong southwesterly wind should put highs in the 54-58 range. Unfortunately, with limited sun will come rain showers. This will impact a good portion of the day, primarily through the afternoon, in an off & on nature. Showers will lessen, but remain in the area through Friday. Windy weather will cool us off as we head into the weekend as well.