Worker injured in Carmel construction zone accident

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CARMEL, Ind. (July 17, 2015) — A truck driver was hospitalized after an early morning crash in a busy construction zone in Carmel. The man had to be rushed to the hospital after being hit by a speeding driver along U.S. Highway 31.

“Definitely– speeding is an issue here on the main road,” said Carmel driver Kerry Erickson.

Erickson says there are a lot of speeding drivers in the area and she’s not the only driver who has noticed the problem.

“I mean they have the speed limit lowered to 45, but I see a lot of people going 60 or 65,” said driver Steven Michael. “They go pretty fast.”

Carmel police say overnight a speeding driver, identified as Aron Hubbard, lost control of his car and hit a truck driver who had been delivering beams to the overpass at 111th Street.

The worker, Jeffery Cline, had been began walking north toward 116th to pick up another truck when he got hit.

“Speeding through a work zone greatly reduces the chances of making it through safely, it also puts our workers at risk,” said Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) spokesman Nathan Riggs.

Riggs says the overnight accident is the first time a worker has been hurt during the reconstruction of U.S. 31.

He hopes drivers learn to slow down and stay safe.

“We really need drivers to pay attention so what happened last night doesn`t continue to be a problem,” said Riggs.

The driver of the car involved in the overnight wreck got hurt when his car flipped several times. The worker sustained serious leg injuries. Both the driver and the victim were taken to the hospital and both are expected to survive.

The accident is under investigation by Carmel police to determine what if any criminal charges the driver could face.

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