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INDIANAPOLIS – As Indianapolis comes to terms with a deadly mass shooting at a FedEx facility on the southwest side, we’ve encountered heart-wrenching situations.

FOX59 reporter Darius Johnson talked to Vanessa Waters, whose partner works at the facility.

Waters said she woke up to missed calls and text messages from family and friends. She didn’t understand until she turned on the news in the morning.

“At that point, the waiting starts, you know what I mean? The anticipation starts. So not only do you have to worry about your loved one, you’re worried…you’re thinking about what happened. Why did this happen? What is going on?”

Waters said she saw on TV that people could check on loved ones at the Holiday Inn Express. She discovered that her loved one was okay.

“It’s almost like the pandemic,” she said. “The first time I heard about it, it was overseas. Not once did you ever think it was going to be happening in your own backyard. This is the way this is. You hear about these shootings, and you’re praying for the people. You’re praying for the soul of the person that did this, that committed this crime. But never once did you think it would happen in your own backyard. And when it does, it’s like a wakeup call. This is not far-fetched. This can happen.”

At the end of the interview, in a stirring moment on live TV, Waters offered up a prayer.

“We ask you to continuously wrap your arms around these people that have been affected, Dear Heavenly Father God. We ask you to keep them comforted, Dear Heavenly Father God, they need you, Dear Heavenly Father,” she said in her prayer.

“We also ask for a for special prayer, Dear God, for the person, the individual that committed this crime, Dear Heavenly Father God. We ask a special prayer for his family, Dear Heavenly Father God, his soul, so he can rest. We need you, Lord. Wrap your arms around us, Dear God. We need you, Dear Heavenly Father God, Jesus, we need you.”