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YORKTOWN, Ind. — A manufacturing facility in our backyard is switching gears to meet the increased demand for personal protective equipment across the country.

Mursix Corporation in Yorktown is usually known for its wide-ranging technology and assembly now they’re making face shields.

As a former ER Nurse now Co-Owner of Mursix, Susan Carlock knows what it’s like to be at the tip of a pandemic fighting to save lives without the necessary supplies.

“I have such a passion for our frontline workers and what they’re going through. it tears my heart apart to know that they can’t get the simplest of PPE,” said Mursix Corporation, Co-Owner/VP of Business Development, Susan Carlock. 

With a 250,000 square foot facility, 165 employees, stamping presses and assembly lines, Carlock was left wondering where they could help.

“Our sales rep got back to me just within a few minutes with a prototype or a design for a face shield that a hospital system up in Michigan needed and they were needing 500,000. We were able to knock that out, secure some raw material pretty quickly,” said Carlock.

They shut down some automotive lines to make face shields for healthcare workers in hotspots like New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, and the Hoosier state.

“We have been able to keep almost all of our staff on payroll right now. And we’re bringing every single one of them back next week. Because we have secured raw materials for the next few weeks that are going to allow us to hit 500,000 shields a week,” said Carlock.

The current goal is to produce 500,000 face shields a week. On Wednesday, they gave the Indiana National Guard 50,000 face shields to distribute to clinics and hospitals.

This afternoon four planes arrived at the Muncie/Delaware County Airport to take 12,000 face shields back to Michigan. They sent three planes last week to pick up 10,000. 

New York has already requested 20,000 per day and Massachusetts 10,000. Those shipments will begin Tuesday. And they’re expecting more states, clinics, and hospitals to reach out. 

“I don’t see that ending anytime in the near future just for the fact that we haven’t hit peak in some of these major hotspots,” said Carlock.

Who knows when the surge will happen and for how long? But those at Mursix say they are in it for the long run. Just like those who are risking their own lives to save others with no end in sight.

“What they care about is getting these people safe and well and home and recovered. And that’s their number one priority. Healthcare workers live and breathe what they do, and they are the true heroes,” said Carlock.

Mursix plans to continue distributing PPE to those who are in dire need. They have enough raw materials to make 500,000 shields every week for the rest of the month.

If you would like to assist or if you are a hospital or a healthcare worker in need of face shields, you can find that information here.