WESTFIELD, Ind. – In a battle of vigorous stunts and acrobatic moves, dozens of young athletes and hundreds of adults gathered for NinjaCon this weekend.

The action-packed event took place at a new gymnasium in Westfield, which houses the global headquarters for NinjaZone. This weekend’s competition brought together more than 90 NinjaZone coaches from around the country and Canada. On Sunday, dozens of kids took their skills to the mat.

NinjaZone founder Casey Wright said it all started back in 2015 right here in the Indianapolis area, now spreading to more than 300 gyms worldwide.

“We started it because boys didn’t have a place to really move their bodies enough at a young age,’ Wright said. “And now it’s grown for boys and girls, but it’s a place to learn coordination, flips, tricks, and just a place to do cool mazing moves.”

NinjaZone is a “fusion” of character-building, gymnastics, parkour, whole-body movement, confidence-building, and obstacle training.

“Now that [NinjaZone] has grown, we need to train the coaches how to teach the kids,” Wright said. “So we’ve had more than 90 coaches come here to learn, get better, and compete.”

Spence Clapp is a NinjaZone coach in the area. He now trains hundreds of little Ninjas but also had the chance to participate in American Ninja Warrior Season 10 a few years back. He said he has had a passion for martial arts and acrobatics since a very young age.

“It ended up being something I never imagined and ended up being even more special being on American Ninja Warrior,” Clapp said. “Being able to share my dream with the next generation, it’s been really special for me.”

NinjaZone coaches and competition organizers said Sunday’s event was a good chance to help kids direct their focus, conquer obstacles, and work to achieve their goals.