Young Colts are not worried about lack of playoff experience

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The Colts are used to making the playoffs, before last season’s 2-14 record the team had made nine straight post season appearances. But, there are not many players left from that era. In fact, 28 Colts have never played in a playoff game before.

“As a rookie you don’t really know what to expect and unfortunately we aren’t really aware of how truly valuable going to the playoffs is. But, talking to guys like Adam Vinatieri, Reggie Wayne it really leans on to us that it is very important to have gotten to this point,” said rookie tight end Coby Fleener.

“I’s a football game still. I think we’ve done a lot to get to this point so I don’t think you need to wholesale change things. Obviously, intensity is going to ratchet up, things are going to kick up a notch but trust in the same preparation, in the same process and hopefully that’ll pay dividends,” said rookie quarterback Andrew Luck.

It also helps that Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano is familiar with how the Ravens operate. He spent four seasons with the organization and in 2011 Pagano served as the Ravens defensive coordinator.

“Maybe from a personnel standpoint, he can say, ‘Okay, this guy is a little heavy handed, this guy has good feet, bad feet.’ But from a schematic and their scheme, they’ll change things up I’m sure. Obviously they know Chuck, same defense. So they’ll be changing some things. But I think from a personnel standpoint, I think that’s what he was talking about,” said linebacker Dwight Freeney.

The Ravens have their own insider, Baltimore offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell spent 10 seasons with the Colts including the pas three seasons as their head coach. However, he is new to the job signing on as offensive coordinator on December 10 when Cam Cameron was fired.



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