Young mom arrested after heroin overdose car crash

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Cydney Craft, 20, was arrested by IMPD after officers say she crashed her car in a west side apartment parking lot while overdosing on heroin.

There were two infants restrained in the backseat.

“She was pretty much out of it, eyes blinking back and forth,” said the woman whose car was damaged by Craft’s vehicle. “They had to shake her to really try to wake her up. She was just kind of drooling at the mouth. She was really out of it.”

The owner of the damaged car said Craft never regained consciousness as she was loaded into an ambulance.

“The woman had her make up pouch out on the window sill and…actually had a needle that she had used to shoot herself before she had that incident,” said the woman.

Police said they recovered more heroin from the car.

“She should’ve had better judgement in that period, even with her kids in the car,” said the witness. “If that’s what she’s going to do she should’ve did it alone somewhere where she’s safe and not in an actual car with her children.”

Craft’s name surfaces in police reports dating back to 1999.

Jazzmin Brown is a recovering heroin addict left paralyzed following an overdose last October.

She’s 21 years old.

“Whenever you’re doing heroin that seems like that’s the only thing that matters,” Jazzmin said from a wheelchair in her mother’s Greenwood living room. “Your morals just go to waste. You don’t have any morals it seems.”

Jazzmin said she hit the skids watching an alcoholic father who died while she was in her late teens.

She drove drunk, became addicted to painkillers after dental surgery and overdosed on heroin three times in five months.

“I just thought since I made it out two other times, I’ll make it out every other time.”

“I was invincible.”

With raven hair and green eyes, Jazzmin promises she’ll walk again someday.

Now she struggles to move two fingers on her left hand. Her right hand flops over at the wrist.

“It’s a huge shocker that I’m still here after this final overdose,” she said. “33 minutes without a heartbeat. That’s just a miracle.”

Jazzmin shares her miracle story with youth and community groups.

She appears at Avon High School Monday morning.

Jazzmin calls heroin, “the devil’s drug.”

“There’s a whole different side to life than drugs,” she said, “and although I’m in a wheelchair, its amazing.”

Officers told Fox 59 News that Cydney Craft’s babies were handed over to protective custody though her own mother arrived on the scene.

Jazzmin Brown’s mother considers herself blessed that she still has her own daughter to look after.

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