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INDIANAPOLIS — A young woman is about to become one of the few female Eagle Scouts in central Indiana.  

From chemistry to rock climbing, Katie Janson’s sash is full of badges, but the most meaningful achievement hasn’t made it on her uniform yet.

“Anything a boy can do, a girl can do,” said Janson, a senior at Ben Davis High School.

Janson is on her way to becoming an Eagle Scout. She will be the first in the Five Creeks District, which includes Boone, Western Marion, Hendricks, Clinton and Montgomery County.

“I just thought it would be really cool. I mean, how many families can say (their) father, son and daughter are all Eagle Scouts?” said Janson.

Janson joined scouting when she was 16 years old. With all the adventures came a lot of knowledge.

“And also, a lot of this information is really useful. I feel like it would be something awesome I can carry with me through my life,” said Janson.

Instead of volunteering in-person in Eskenazi’s NICU, Janson had to do it virtually. Even the cuddlers who would read to the babies had to be put on hold due to COVID.

“I kind of got a light bulb,” said Janson.

For Janson’s Eagle Scout project, she recorded people reading children’s books — voices young and old, in Spanish and in English. Now recordings are turned into a digital library, and it’s making a difference for babies only days old.

“The babies can still get that audio stimulation. It’s as easy as Eskenazi gets to compile those recordings. I sent them into a QR code. The nurses scan it and boom,” said Janson.

Janson will be only the 11th female Eagle Scout in central Indiana. She admits she started in scouts because she always wanted to do what the boys were doing. Now she’s proof girls can do it too.

“Just because your gender, you’re not limited. I can do anything my brother can do if not better,” said Janson.

Janson’s official ceremony is expected to take place in the next couple of months. She’s currently accepted into IUPUI. Janson wants to become a physician’s assistant and work with children.