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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Ahhh there’s nothing quite like the smell of a real Christmas tree. But did you realize that beautiful tree you just brought into your home could be swarming with thousands of bugs?

Pest control company Safer Brand says as many as 25,000 bugs can live in one tree. The company says most of the bugs aren’t dangerous and will eventually die. But aphids, spiders, mites, adelgids, praying mantises, bark beetles and sawflies are among the list of bugs that can survive in your home.

Safer Brand says it’s important to examine your tree for bug nests before buying it and bringing it into your home. They also recommend leaving the tree in your garage for a few days and shaking it out to dislodge any bugs.

While the warning is stark, experts at the University of Florida say Safer Brand’s report is “way overblown.”

“You are not going to have thousands of bugs in your Christmas trees,” Dr. Adam Dale, assistant professor for entomology at University of Florida, told MyNews13.

Another expert says she’s never heard of such an issue.

“In over nine years of experience with [the UF Agricultural] Extension, I have never had a client inquiry or problem brought to my attention regarding a serious problem, or even a minor problem, related to insects on Christmas trees,” Susan Haddock, an agent in pest management for the UF Agricultural Extension, said.

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