Your Town Friday: Extraordinary Mooresville woman celebrates hers 108th birthday

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MOORESVILLE, Ind. — A woman in Mooresville is celebrating a very special birthday. To give you an idea of the long life she’s lived, she has three children, 11 grandchildren, 30 great-grandchildren and 26 great-great-grandchildren!

Mooresville was named after Samuel Moore, who bought the land ten miles southwest of Indianapolis for $2 an acre in 1823.

The town adopted “Home of the State Flag” in 1966 as its slogan in honor of resident Paul Hadley, designer of the Indiana state flag.

Hazel Warner was born many years before that. She has earned 108 candles on her cake!

Her daughter Mary Pringle says people are simply amazed when she tells them her mom’s age.

She was born in 1911 when William Howard Taft was president, an explorer reached the South Pole for the first time, Crisco was introduced, and Ray Harroun was the first winner of the Indianapolis 500.

“She has all kinds of stories,” said Mary. “When you’re 108, you’ve seen a lot!

Hazel married Mary’s dad Harold in 1929. They had three children.

Mary says Hazel has an incredible memory. Hazel talked about their first car.

“It was a Model T,” said Hazel. “You know your dad was just heavy footed. He drove that thing just as fast as it would drive.”

She loved her job in a fabric department.

“I really liked it because I had to teach myself to sew.”

Her love of learning didn’t fade with time. Mary says her mom learned to use a computer when she was 91-years-old!

“I met Hazel when she was 103, going on 104,” said Anita Kirschbaum. “When I first met her I just fell in love.”

Anita says Hazel brightens Miller’s Merry Manor in Mooresville with her wit and approach at life. “She teaches me patience. To think, it’s not all about me and there’s always a situation that’s worse than mine.”

Of course you have to ask a 108-year-old if they have a trick for longevity! Hazel said to just keep moving!

And Mary added one more tip. “She drinks a glass of wine every night before she goes to bed!”

And in case you’re curious, it’s white wine.

She used to read a book a day since childhood. She loved to crochet and made a killer meatloaf. And Hazel says that’s the one thing she misses.

She didn’t want us to leave without sharing a very important tip: “When you make mashed potatoes, put in about half a cup of mayonnaise.”

“She brightens everybody’s day if you talk to her,” said Mary. “I just kinda felt she would make it to 100 years old. Well I really do think she’ll probably make it to 110 years old. I really do.”

By the way, the second oldest person at Miller’s Merry Manor is 99 years old!

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