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(May 22, 2015) - Throughout the month of May “Your Town Friday” is all about Indy! Today we are heading to Broad Ripple!  You’ll find this Indy neighborhood 8 miles north of downtown...Meridian Street on the west to Evanston on the east...and Kessler on the south to White River on the north.

“You can’t manufacture Broad Ripple.  It’s been here for 100 years.  It’s the perfect mix of young and old.  I laugh, I say that Broad Ripple is purple hair and nose rings next to business suits, next to baby strollers, next to grey pony tails.  It’s a little bit of everything,” said Debbie Hasbrook, owner of Hotel Broad Ripple.

Along the Monon trail off Westfield Boulevard is a beautiful boutique hotel....Hotel Broad Ripple.

“You feel like you’re on vacation here.  It’s a nice setting.  It feels more like you’re in a lake area even though there are no lakes around here,” said Debbie.

And it’s true!  In the short time we were there, I felt like I was vacationing at a charming little lodge.  The hotel has been open one year this month. Debbie says the area desperately needed a place for people to stay.

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“I really knew that there was a need for lodging in the whole midtown part of Indy.  I’ve lived here for many years and there’s never been a place for people to stay so that was the concept behind it.  Also, to service the Butler population because they have to go downtown or the north side,” said Debbie.

The hotel has nine rooms to choose from and Debbie says their guests are a good mix of staycationers, business travelers and people in town visiting relatives.

“I think what people like the most is they park their car and here, you don’t have to get in the car, you can walk to restaurants and shops,” said Debbie.

Now this hotel is not just for overnight guests; anyone is welcome to come by and sip on some local beer and wine and enjoy some local artwork.

“We call this the ‘bunk house lounge’ it’s open to public from 5 p.m. on every evening and our deck is for people to enjoy beer and wine,” said Debbie.

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It's only one month old, but already business is booming at this boutique beauty shop in Broad Ripple.

“We kind of describe it as Sephora meets Whole Foods.  We bring as many beauty brands as we can that are natural and organic,” said Josh Posner, owner of “Eva Maison.”

Josh recently left his family’s skin care line Aruba Aloe to open up a shop of his own.

“We carry a range of products from makeup to hair care products to soaps to facial cleansers.  We have 35 different brands.  This is probably one of the only locations in the Midwest where you can find these brands under one roof,” said Josh.

Lines like Aruba Aloe, RMS Beauty & Ilia Beauty...everything in this store has safe natural ingredients.  Oh, and all of the furniture is for sale too!

“Your skin is your largest organ so you really want to be careful about the ingredients you’re putting on.  Many of the products have five or less ingredients.  Stuff you could pronounce and recognize.  It’s safe ingredients,” said Josh.

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While Eva Maison is brand new, Indy CD & Vinyl has called Broad Ripple home for the last 14 years.

“You can invite friends over to look at your record collection but I don’t think many people are saying come over and look at my MP3 collection,” said Andy Skinner, co-owner of Indy CD & Vinyl.

At Indy CD & Vinyl you'll find just that.  Physical format music and even though many people nowadays buy their music online - this shop doesn’t compete with digital sales.

“We’re known for, besides being a community center of sorts, we’re known for having deep selections of all genres on cd and vinyl new and used.  You can walk in the store and put your hands on the physical product, you can’t look at an MP3 like you can a record,” said Andy.

The shop originally opened in Salt Lake City back in 1994 and moved to Indy in 2001.  When the owner wanted to retire, Andy and Annie Skinner and their best friend took it over.

“If you like a certain artist we can talk to you about rare releases and limited releases and side projects and things you might not know about that you’re not getting from your streaming service, other than here’s the hot track this week, and we have that too, we have the hot track this week but we also have the store,” said Andy.

Andy says believe it or not, a lot of people who have been running to the digital format are now running back to get the physical format which now comes with an MP3 download card, so you're only buying the music once.

“We refer to a vinyl record as a forever piece.  Putting the needle in the groove and listening to a record the way the music was intended to be played is a really amazing feeling,” said Andy.

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