Your Town Friday: Jamestown and Advance

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Jamestown, Ind. - For this week's Your Town Friday, we're headed to Boone County. One man moved his business there and all his friends called him crazy. It turns out it was the best move he's ever made.

"I was driving through town one day and I just kind of felt a pull, so I went down and turned around and came back and I saw this building," said Sid Schocke. "You couldn’t see in the windows so I came up and I peeked in and I saw a for sale sign. I called them  up and we ended up buying it. People said I was crazy coming to Advance, Indiana. Nobody’s even heard of Advance!"

No doubt, Advance is tiny with only about 500 residents, but Sid is pulling in business like it's a big city. Then again, he's been doing that since he five.

"We went one time to a flea market and I helped my uncle unload the stuff. He gave me $2 and said, now you can take that $2 and you can buy yourself a pop and a candy bar and you’ll be broke, or you can take that $2 and you can go over and buy yourself something and resell it for $4 and you still have $2. So I bought a little box of stuff and ended up selling about $40 dollars’ worth of stuff out of it that day! And I've been hooked ever since."

You never know what you'll find in Sid's Boone County Uniques. One couple even comes from Austin, Texas once a month to find out!

"People say, so you have an antiques store, and I say no we don’t, we’re not typical," said Sid. "We’re not an antiques store like you would think of. We might buy something that you think is just trash and we’ll take it and turn it into something else."

Head a few miles down the road and you'll hit another tiny town.

"There are three Jamestown’s in Indiana, so this is the special one!" said Suzy Rich.

This Jamestown is in Boone County and is bordered by Hendricks and Montgomery Counties.

"And there are townships in all three counties that are not served by a public library," said Suzy, Tri-Area Library Board President.

So Suzy says, many years ago, some Jamestown ladies came up with the idea to open an all-volunteer library. They started in the back of a barber shop, then moved to another slightly bigger location and today they're in their third spot.

"When I first moved to Jamestown in 1975, this was still a bank!"

But the bank needed a building with a drive-thru, so they sold the building to the library for a great price.

You can even hunt for your next read in the vault!

Suzy fell in love with libraries as a child and has been volunteering more than twenty years.

"We have a 95 year old lady that’s a volunteer and we have some that are in their 30's!"

There are about 25 volunteers and a local artist decorated the room for kids.

"It’s my family away from home," said Suzy. "It’s really my family."

Sid feels the same way.

"I’ve lived several different places and been all over the country and you won’t find any better people than you find in Boone County," said Sid.

Sid's next flea market is at the Boone County Fairgrounds July 27-29. You can also click here for more on Boone County Uniques.

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