“Your Town Friday” visits Pittsboro, Hendricks County!

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“Big Tucks specializes in dog and horse and other nutrition and we’ve come a long way in the 6 years, 4 months, 14 days we’ve been open,” said Phil Tucker, owner of Big Tucks Feed and More.

Before Phil opened Big Tucks in this building along Main Street, it was Tuckers Corner, his mom’s restaurant for 17 years and Phil worked behind the counter.  It was only appropriate to renovate the space and re-open as Phil’s feed store for animals.

“We started real small just with this little side over here and we did that for 4 years along with my salt business, doing both at same time and then we decided I’d be in here full time,” said Phil.

The longtime Pittsboro resident wanted to bring a feed and pet supply store to town so people didn’t have to drive all the way to Indy.

“You can go to a lot of pet stores and they have different kinds of feed.  You’re in a rural area so you can’t carry everything, so you have to find out what works for the animal first, then you find out the price and what people can afford in your area and then after that you can specialize in how the product works.  Then once they see it working for their animal, then they see there are other things that will work.  So you can buy pet beds all day long, we got those too, but you can buy specialty pet beds,” said Phil.

You can find supplies and accessories from local and regional companies for dogs, cats, horses, birds, goats and even bee keeping equipment.  While you might find that kind of stuff at the big box stores, Phil says he really knows his stuff and he’s willing to help you find the right product for your animal.

“Most of the people that work at a large box store stock shelves or they check out the counter, 90% do not know anything about the product.  When you go to specialty stores, that’s what they offer, they have to know their product because that’s their livelihood.  That’s what makes us unique.  Plus, if I see something that’s not right I can get right on the phone and call the owners or visit their plant and see how they make the product,” said Phil.

While the store is geared mainly towards animals, there is a little something for humans: cherry flavored treats!

“This year we introduced Cherry Republic, they’re known as the cherry capitol of the world up there.  This year we’ve already ordered 6 to 7 times this amount in a few months.  It’s everything with cherries in it.  It’s going really well!” said Phil.

“It’s truly fun for me when their eyes light up and they cry and their mom cries.  It’s just fun to work with them!” said Linda Brothers, owner of Elegance Boutique.

Retired teacher, Linda Brothers, opened Elegance Boutique two years ago in this space along Main Street in downtown Pittsboro.

“It’s very close to I-74, so brides can come from anywhere or the surrounding counties and get here within 50 minutes or much less.  It’s a convenient location and Pittsboro was starting to re-birth and other stores were coming in so it was a nice time to join Pittsboro and the growth,” said Linda.

Elegance Boutique is a full service bridal salon featuring designer Alfred Angelo.

“The line that we have starts at $400, so not a lot of boutiques have gowns that will help you if you’re on a budget.  Even though that budget is low, the quality is high and style elements are fantastic,” said Linda.

“As a boutique the goal is to make sure the bride really feels like it is the beginning of the special preps for her day.  We’re very small, very intimate with very personal service and I make sure she tries on every gown she wants to try on so she finds her dream dress,” said Linda.

Linda always begins by asking the bride about her wedding theme and her vision for a dream dress.

“Most of them have a huge file of Pinterest photos and they’ll show some to me and then based on whether it’s a ball gown style or fit and flare, mermaid or A-line or sheath, then we start with those kinds of dresses because she has her mind set, that’s what she wants.  But in a photo with a 5’10 model, it’s very different than how it’ll look on you, so try those dresses on and sometimes she’s right on target, but other times the dress goes on and you can tell by her face this does not make me look beautiful.  So then we try other styles, other necklines and other fabrics until she finds that dream dress!” said Linda.

Linda says the high pressure sales tactics that you’ll find at other larger bridal stores, is not her thing.

“This is not a forced sale.   I would love to sell to every person who walks through this door but that’s not realistic and if I don’t have their dream dress, that’s fine, because I want them to have their dream dress,” said Linda.

Check out the videos below as we visited Carole’s Botique on Main Street!

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