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TRAFALGAR, Ind. — This month we’re checking out places with names that make you go, “Hmmmmm.”

This week we are in Trafalgar for Your Town Friday!

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The town sits where State Roads 135 and 252 meet in Johnson County.

We went straight for the Crowbar Restaurant and Lounge, where the kitchen never stops and the stories don’t either.

The Crowbar Inn is a staple in Trafalgar

Mike Sisson knows most of them. He’s been eating at the Crowbar since it opened in the 1990s.

In fact, Mike has lived in Trafalgar for 65 years. He remembers when 500 people lived there. He’s seen that population double!

Search online and you’ll find the name was inspired by the Battle of Trafalgar, fought by the British Royal Navy.

Mike can add to the story.

“What I’ve heard about it is there were two towns here called Hensleytown and Liberty. Well, they wanted a post office, but there was already a Liberty in Indiana and they didn’t want Hensleytown, so they came up with the name Trafalgar.”

Mike and his neighbors owe their local haunt, the Crowbar, to Brian Maschino’s dad.

“My mother and father retired and somehow he came home and he purchased a bar!” said Brian. “He established the Crowbar in ’95 and I came in and helped him out.”

It changed ownership hands a few times after that.

“And somehow I ended up back with it 2009 and I’m here to stay. Trafalgar is a special place. People definitely bend over backwards to help you out and my wife and I are blessed that Trafalgar accepted us.”

Business is so good; they’re getting ready to do a big expansion, including the kitchen, seating and parking.

“It’s amazing what kind of food they put out of that kitchen right now.”

I tried about all of it and can attest to that! The Philly Prime Rib was my favorite.

Sadly, Brian’s dad passed away in 2005, but his spirit fills the place.

“He loved the environment,” said Brian. “He loved being around the people and he loved to tell stories and I know he is shining down on me and he’s excited to see where we’re at.”

Mike agrees, saying, “He was just such a super guy.”

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