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Crawfordsville, Ind. – Crawfordsville is 25 miles northwest of Indianapolis in Montgomery County.

In 1813, three rangers thought it was the perfect place for a settlement. Ten years later the three returned with their families and Crawfordsville was officially laid out in 1823.

Wabash College was founded nine years later.

Today, 15,000 people call the area home.

The motto in Crawfordsville is, “Small City… Big Possibilities.”

Perhaps one of the most notable things to come out of the city so far is a novel you’ve probably heard of called Ben Hur.

Today the General Lew Wallace Study and Museum sits where Wallace penned much of that novel, usually outdoors under his favorite beech tree.

Just a few blocks away from that museum is the Rotary Jail Museum, the first spinning jail in the U.S. and the only rotary jail cell block that still works in the world.

People living in the area say the history is cool, but so is what they’re doing now.

It’s a community that likes to support local, as mom-of-three Jennifer Fry has learned.

We’ve been fortunate and blessed by the community and the response from our community,” said Jennifer.

She grew up in Crawfordsville and has spent more than 20 years in healthcare.

So has her best friend, mom-of-two Kathleen Nelson. Kathleen is a Director of Oncology.

So how did they end up running a clothing boutique?

Well Kathleen wanted to open a store and she mentioned it to her mother-in-law.

“She said okay! And then Jennifer and I have been best friends for a long time and we were sitting in church and she’s an amazing business woman and it was awesome for her to be able say yes.”

That’s when the seed for 3 Pink Poppies was planted. They spent a year in a nearby small town but now they’ve been able to move to downtown Crawfordsville and they credit it all to word of mouth.

The two have been surprised at the parallels to healthcare.

“It’s been a different side of looking at connecting with people,” said Jennifer. “A few weeks ago I had a customer come in who had just had a baby and it was her first time leaving the baby. She actually walked out with a couple tops for herself really enjoyed that time. So we get to see all kinds of different people in different situations. It’s just special.”

“There are a lot of times what you think you’ll be doing in life is not exactly where you end up and anytime an opportunity presents itself, be willing to take the plunge and try it!”

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The annual Strawberry Festival in Crawfordsville is this weekend. Click here for more on the three days of food and entertainment!

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