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MCCORDSVILLE, Ind. — Keith Salsbery sure knows his trees, plants and flowers.  For 41 years he’s owned a 14 acre garden center in Kokomo.  This however, is his satellite location: Salsbery Garden Center off West Broadway in McCordsville.

“Our traffic is excellent on this road and in the evening it all backs up here so we’ve built up a good following now after all these years and we have a real good selection of a little bit of everything. We actually have people looking for other types of trees that may not be here and they’ll come to Kokomo and tag them and then if it’s something that has to be dug in the field in the fall, we’ll bring it down here or drop it off at their house depending on where they live at the same time,” said Keith.

The one-acre property showcases curb appeal plants, products and gifty items for the inside of you home, like pottery, small decorative solar lights, glassware, fountains and gift cards.

“We’re based mainly in retail so we don’t really landscape.  The homeowner comes in with pictures and we can suggest things and where they should go, it could be a tree in a yard or perennials in the garden area,” said Keith.

And if you don’t find what you are looking for, chances are, their Kokomo location has it.

“I think they do a real good job of displaying and we have a big selection since I have so much inventory. I have 20 times the inventory in Kokomo than I have here. Then during the summer time, I don’t come down as much because it’s slower, but they fax what they need and what people are asking for and we’ll load it on a box truck and trailer and I’ll come down on Friday afternoons so those people can come pick it up on the weekends,” said Keith.

Right now up in Kokomo, they are growing 3,000 multi-colored mums and they’ll be brought down to McCordsville in a few weeks!

“Last time you guys were here we had a shell of a building. We have all walls up and we are starting to move toward finishing this building and getting it done!” said Stephanie Cook, wine maker at Daniel’s Vineyard in McCordsville.

We featured Daniel’s Vineyard last year when construction was just beginning. Well, construction is still happening but they’re set to open by the holidays!

“At this point we have the plumbing in and the walls up and once we get the paint colors on the walls, everything’s going to feel like it’s moving right along,” said Stephanie.

The walls may not be ready, but their wines are!  Between whites and reds, dry and sweet, you’ll be able to choose from nine different varieties.  In fact, if you want to get a head start on pleasing your palette, you can join the Vineyard’s “Cellar Club” online.  The next release is coming up in November!

“Our wines are in great condition.  Last year we had a good winter so we had really hearty vines out there and we’ll get a good yield from all of those,” said Stephanie.

Once they officially open their doors, you’ll be able to taste those wines in this big ground floor space that will feel industrial chic complete with unique and eclectic elements.

“So we’ll have our big tasting room.  We’re standing in the tasting room and our idea behind everything is to keep it open and transparent in the tasting room.  We’ll have glass walls up so you can see into the production room. Over here we’ll have a future brewery, that’ll be within a year and we’ll have a banquet hall that’ll seat 300 to 325,” said Stephanie.

Daniel’s Vineyard is getting ready for their harvest and they encourage the community to come out and help.  You can go as slow or as fast as you want!

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