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WHITELAND, Ind. (Oct. 16, 2015) – This week’s edition of “Your Town Friday” brings FOX59 to Whiteland in Johnson County.

You’ll find the community about 20 miles south of Indianapolis. Town Manager Norm Gabehart said Whiteland has a lot going for it.

“Our geographic location is prime, we’re at the center of it all. We’re 15 minutes from Indianapolis, we border Greenwood, we’re north of Franklin,” he said.

Gabehart said Whiteland’s location makes it a great spot for businesses and families.

“The taxes are low and the caps that came around are structured at one percent, two percent… we’re all in a game together with the other taxing entities, but we provide a lot of service for a lot less money than a lot of other communities,” he said.

“We have a lot of old assets here, we have a race track up on Front Street, it’s one of the oldest go kart racing tracks, it’s been around for many, many years,” Gabehart said.

“We have a fun zone for kids in Whiteland off of 31, it’s called Rascal’s, for parties, events, go karts, paddleboats whatever they have over there, a lot of good stuff.”

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The Johnson County community is home to C.J. Rayburn Race Cars, owned by none other than Carl “C.J.” Rayburn. He says they build race cars, race engines and some street engines. Some of their cars race on dirt tracks, and Rayburn says there’s nothing quite like the thrill of dirt track racing.

“You run sideways in a corner, you see five people go in a corner sideways, side to side and you don’t know who’s gonna come out ahead the fans think everybody is gonna wreck every lap and they don’t,” he said.

Rayburn’s cars have raced all over the U.S. and Canada. He says they’ve set world records that still hold up to this day. As for the community, Rayburn said neighbors weren’t well acquainted with their line of work before they came to Whiteland, but now they have plenty of friends.

“Whiteland’s just been a great little town. I mean, it’s just beyond real good.”

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