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Indianapolis, Ind. – Ida roams City Dogs Grocery like she owns the place. She might as well, since her human does!

“I have four furry kids,” said Christi Rider. “They’re all rescues. I’ve always had a passion and love for dogs, animals, wellness, and rescues.”

Christi Rider was one of those people who’d spent years in a career but wanted to make an about-face.

“I was a pediatric nurse for almost 20 years and I just got to that point where I was ready for a career change in my life. Burnt out. I mainly did ICU so it was very stressful. A lot of work.”

She wanted to open her own pet place. She asked the owners of City Dogs Grocery to dinner for some advice a few years ago. She’d never met them.

And to her shock, at the end of dinner, they asked her if she wanted to buy their store so they could retire!

“It was a lot to convince my family and my husband, but I think they felt it was something they knew I had a passion for and wanted to do.”

She took the wellness part from her time in nursing and focuses on pet nutrition and helping animals live the best lives they can.

This week, it’s also about pampering.

People are expected to spend $886 million on their furry Valentine’s this year. Almost half of pet parents have planned a full on Valentine’s Day celebration for their canine companions. And one in three people have planned their entire weekend around their dog.

Is Christi surprised?

“Not at all!”

A big seller for Christi are treats made by local bakers.

“I use Nutty Mutt, from a mother and daughter in Greenfield and Mrs B’s in Speedway.”

She has plenty of treats and toys to make your furry friend feel warm and fuzzy inside.

City Dogs Grocery (and City Kitties too!) also has locations in Speedway and on  Mass Ave.