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Greenfield, Ind. – Rick Horton has been in more bands than he can name. We bet you’ve never seen a guitar like he plays. You’ll see why later in the story.

First, let’s meet Rick.

“I’m born and raised in Greenfield, lived here all my life and you know, I just enjoy the small town atmosphere out here. I never thought I would kind of help put Greenfield on the map.”

He also never thought he would get traffic backups outside his home.

“Yeah, especially when I made the Minions. Those were so popular!”

Rick, AKA, The Snow Artist.

“I was just like wow, something I created is doing this, it’s a good feeling.”

It started on a cold day in 1997.

“We were making a snowman, me and my daughter Hannah in the backyard, and I thought, man, it would be so neat to build something funny out front. So I built a Homer Simpson out front and painted it and I got a great response from that.”

And here are Rick and Hannah twenty years later next to last year’s creation, a Corgi.

“I’m proud of all of them, but let’s say my favorites are the giant rattlesnake, the aliens and the two eagles I made. Some of them I come up with the night before. I just go out and create it.”

Easy for Rick to say, because has certainly has the art gene!

“I’ve created all the woodwork on this old house. I’ve created my own fishing lures. I just like to create. One of my favorite things right now, my big hobby, is my RC airplanes.”

“If there’s something I really want my own thing of, like with bass guitars, that’s when I thought, I want something as original as I am, so I created those bass guitars.” (Watch the video to see his guitars.)

“I have actually created my own tools to carve snow with.”

And of course he’s made a snow guitar.

Does Rick get sad when they melt?

“My artwork is here for a limited time and then it’s gone. People get to come see it for a little while and then it’s gone. And so I think that makes it special.”

He has no idea what he’ll do next year, but he does know he will only do one as usual during the first big snow. He wants to keep it special and it’s also a lot of work! He has to shovel all the snow from his entire yard into one pile to start carving.

“Something I do makes so many people happy. So many people tell me, you make Greenfield such a better place with your artwork.”

Check out The Snow Artist on Facebook to see more of Rick’s work! And if you have a Your Town Friday idea, click here.

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