“Your Town Friday” travels to Coatesville!

Your Town Friday
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COATESVILLE, Ind. (Aug. 14, 2015)– This morning “Your Town Friday” is heading to Coatesville!  You’ll find the small Hendricks County community 37 miles slightly southwest of downtown Indy.  Back in 1948, a tornado destroyed most of the town but over the years they’ve been able to rebuild and today just over 500 people call the town, home.

“I started this shop about 2.5 years ago.  It’s a full blown full service floral shop.  I’ve got gifts and fresh flowers and silks and balloons.  You name it, we do it!  We do everything from weddings to funerals to births,” said Koren Bousley, owner of Fleurs de Beausoleil.

Fleurs de Beausoleil is a family run florist off Main Street in Coatesville.  Owner Karen Bousley says she buys local and avoids big name wholesalers, and she encourages people to buy local as opposed to those online flower sites.

“Ordering online is really not a good idea because those companies are going to keep anywhere 20 percent to 35 percent of your funds, which means you’re getting smaller arrangements and you’re not getting as much money for your dollar. Family owned and operated means your money is staying local,” said Koren.

Koren says often times her customers don’t really know what they want, so she takes great pride in working with them to come up with something beautiful and creative.

“If it grew out of the ground, I will make an arrangement with them.  People know they want flowers and have no idea what kind, so I’ll talk to you and find out what’s the occasion, do you have specific flowers you like or don’t want, are there colors you like or don’t want and work with you and get you something that’s going to be different than anybody else is going to have,” said Koren.

And Koren also offers some unique gift items in her shop.

“Instead of having standard greeting cards, I have hand stamped cards that my mom does.  Instead of wind chimes that were probably made in China, I have a lady up in Michigan that makes special wind chimes for me for the shop,” said Koren.

Right next door to Fleurs de Beausoleil on Main Street is a little gift shop called Enchanted Journey.

“First of all it just smells so good so that’s the first thing people always ask me, what the smell is and we have variety of things.  Because it’s small, it’s almost like over-sensory but I always tell people just walk around a couple times start to see things,” said Lorri Knapp, owner of Enchanted Journey.

“It is, in the truest sense of the word, a gift shop, but I call it the artisan marketplace because that’s what is totally unique about it and I know there are a lot of other places but we have all local people and even people right in town, they’ll stop by and drop their stuff off.  90% of everything we have is all hand-crafted and then we have vintage antiques and then we have a few newer things to blend it all like you would blend in a home.  We have stuff for children and men, everyone laughs because we have men’s things when they don’t want to come in,” said Lorri.

And in her back room Lorri does custom stained glass work and custom jewelry.  Her featured artists will do custom work as well like wood crafting and crotchet items.

“People can see something here but it’s not quite what they want but all my artists are more than willing because they’re local, they’ll do all kinds of fun stuff,” said Lorri.




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