‘You’re gonna eat the bag’: Peyton takes issue with Eli’s chip crunching

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It’s big brother vs. little brother, and as it often goes, big brother gets the upper hand.

Peyton and Eli Manning are featured in a documentary for NBC called “The Timeline: Peyton’s Summer School.” The NFL released a promotional clip that shows the brothers watching game film together.

But Eli’s getting on Peyton’s nerves.

The reason?

Just listen to the crunching. It’s constant—crunch, crunch, crunch—as Eli eats a bag of chips.

Peyton takes the bag away.

“You’re killin’ me with that crunchin’,” Peyton says.

“I didn’t eat lunch,” Eli responds.

“You’re gonna eat the bag,” Peyton tells his brother. “Quit, I can’t hear what people are saying.”

“I’m trying to eat!” Eli says plaintively.

It’s not exactly “Football on Your Phone,” but then again, what is?

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