Zionsville continues to grow by leaps and bounds

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ZIONSVILLE – More businesses continue to make commitments to move to Zionsville.

Town leaders and business owners have noticed more people making Zionsville their home in the last couple of years. New residential subdivisions are in the process of being built.

Zionsville has plenty of open land where development could go and there are plenty of businesses like LIDS and FedEx that have made commitments already to move to the area.

“I think probably in the last two years I really noticed kind of an uptick in traffic on main street,” said Lesley Hunt, who owns Lesley Jane at 150 S. Main St.

“I think people were so tired of being inside (during winter) that this spring–I mean–it’s been just like blossoming,” Hunt said.

The Zionsville Chamber of Commerce said the Zionsville population has grown significantly as well.

“Our population has grown over 60 percent in the last 12 to 14 years. So, we’ve seen a lot of business growth to fulfill the needs of the residents that are moving here to town,” said Julie Johns-Cole, executive director of the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce.

As the population continues to grow, it is anticipated there will be more traffic in the area and driving through. Zionsville police officers have been paying extra attention to an area along Main Street just outside of downtown.

Captain Doug Gauthier said they receive complaints every year from homeowners about people speeding through the neighborhood. The department has noticed more people using that route instead of other routes.

“There is more development up (toward) the northwest, so people cut down through here to head to the shops that are in Carmel or in downtown Zionsville or down in Indianapolis,” Gauthier said.

Town leaders believe Zionsville can handle the extra growth and they welcome the new businesses.

“I think we do have the capacity (to handle growth). It’s just (a) matter of how we attract it and how we (manage) that growth,” Johns-Cole said.

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