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ZIONSVILLE, Ind. – The sound of nearly 30 gunshots woke up neighbors at the Quail Run Apartments in Zionsville last week when an Indianapolis man was cut down in the parking lot before dawn.

Terrell Scott had been staying far away from home in the apartment of his girlfriend’s sister for a week or two when his killer or killers tracked him down.

“We were certainly able to gather evidence in the form of shell casings and we’ve seized the vehicle that he was getting into. It had bullet holes in it,” said Zionsville Police Chief Rob Knox.

Neighbors didn’t see the shooting but looked out their windows quickly enough to spot a white Chevrolet Impala or Malibu and a silver or white Honda Accord speeding away.

Scott wasn’t armed and didn’t have a chance to defend himself, unlike a day last September when two men tried to rob him at an east side drug house.

On Monday, September 12, a relative dropped off Mack Taylor and his friend Alexander Brown in the 3000 block of N. Gladstone Ave. who were of a mindset to stick up a trap house where drugs were kept, according to IMPD detectives.

Two days later, with no word from Taylor, relatives went looking for the men and found them shot to death in an alley a block away.

Investigators determined that Taylor and Brown were shot in self-defense by Scott.

It was two years earlier, just down the block, when detectives learned Scott was present during the unsolved murder of Ernest Drake.

IMPD detectives have shared their suspicions and information about Scott’s criminal history with Zionsville detectives who Knox said are digging into the dead man’s, “criminal history, runs in the computer data base if his name pops up anywhere where its as a suspect, witness or victim, and there are leads to follow up on, neighbors, neighborhood canvassing, family, associates, all are things that our investigators are doing.

“They’re doing interviews and they’re still at the ground level putting it all together and seeing where it takes us,” said Knox. “We’re on the job.”

This is the second time in less than a year that Zionsville police have investigated a murder with Indianapolis origins.

Last September 28, Jac Clements, 82, was shot to death, seemingly at random, in his driveway.

Damoine Wilcoxson of Indianapolis was arrested after a SWAT stand off because his gun was connected to the Clements killing and shots fired at a pair of IMPD district headquarters.

“Nothing you can really do about it because people are free to travel and, of course, our southern border touches Marion County,” said Knox, “and all the communities are growing, much more transient than we were 30 years ago when I started, but, of course its concerning, but no matter where you live and who you are, people can still do some bad, evil things and make bad decisions.”

Knox said that his detectives are still seeking tips from the public as to the drivers of the two cars seen leaving the Quail Run Apartments and a motive for Scott’s murder.

If you know anything about the murder of Terrell Scott last week, call Crimestoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.