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SHERIDAN, Ind. — FOX59 hit the road at Stuckey Farm Apple Orchard and Cider Mill in Sheridan!

Angela Ganote, Daniel Miller, Jim O’Brien, Sherman Burdette, Britt Baker, and Amber Hardwick were live at the farm all morning long.

Stuckey Farm celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019 — a major milestone for owners Jeff and Shannon Pierce. Angela and Jim chatted with them about the history of the apple orchard.

No trip to Stuckey Farm is complete without a trip to the market. There’s apple cider, apple butter, apple pie, plus non-apple items like popcorn, sauces, spices, and more! Sherman got a look at all the tasty treats it has to offer.

Honey is also a popular item at the market, and it’s actually made at Stuckey Farm. Scott talked to Lisa Gipson, manager of the market, about how the honey is made.

For many people, cider is an item they can’t leave the orchard without, so Sherman did some sipping with some freshly made cider.

If you’re the more adventurous type, you’ve got some options at Stuckey Farm. Test your sense of direction in the farm’s corn maze. Jim and Britt talked with Jordan Pierce, the farm’s operations manager, about the impressive corn maze.

If you’re not afraid of heights, take a ride down the new 160-foot slide! Britt and Amber had a turn, and they both looked like they had the time of their lives!

If you love animals, take in a pig race. Britt and Amber met some of the oinkers that compete to be first to cross their hooves across the finish line.

Did you know the farm does not sell or make food or cider with apples that fall on the ground? Instead, those apples are saved for the apple cannon. Sherman gave it his best shot.

Stuckey Farm also sells pumpkins! Jim spent some time in the pumpkin patch to learn about the harvest.

We also met some really great people during our time at Stuckey Farm. That includes Nicole and Michael Kobrowski, the people behind Unseen Press, which publishes the spooky history of central Indiana as well as gives ghost tours. Hear what they had to say about haunted Hamilton County.

We also chatted with Bailey McGrath and Karla Gosche-Williams, the co-founders of the Midwest Marketplace Fall Market. It’s a shopping event taking place at the Boone County Fairgrounds in late October.

We also met with creator of the Hobnob Holiday Market. She told us about the popular annual sale with homemade crafts and treats.

Angela and Daniel also got creative and attempted to make some clay pots. They got some pointers from Louise from Kiln Creations.

Who doesn’t love to burn a nice smelling candle on a crisp fall day? Penn & Beech Candle Company gave us a quick lesson.

Mommy Magic paid us a visit while on the farm! She gave Daniel and Angela some fall fun ideas.

Stuckey Farm is a beautiful place, especially on a fall morning! Take a look at some of the pictures we took while out at the farm!