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Which One protein bar is best?

Whether you’re looking for a nutritious snack or need something to eat before or after workouts, a One protein bar is a wise choice. They have the nutritional content many health-conscious individuals people seek, and they’re available in plenty of flavorful varieties. 

From blueberry cobbler to maple-glazed donut, there’s a One protein bar that appeals to every sweet tooth. If you’re looking for a delectable treat on the go, One Minis Birthday Cake Protein Bars are bite-size and portable. 

What to know before you buy a One protein bar

About One protein bars

One protein bars are known for indulgent flavor varieties that satisfy cravings while still being a nutritious snack or treat. The average original One bar contains approximately 20 grams of protein, 220 calories and 1 gram or less of sugar. They’re certified gluten free, and some varieties are vegan and non-GMO.

The One brand was acquired by Hershey in 2018, and since then, the brand has added several protein bar varieties to its core collection. Most recently, One has begun offering snack-sized and plant-based protein bars.

Types of One protein bars 

The One brand manufactures two types of protein bars: original One Protein and the newer One Plant bars. It’s helpful to compare them to decide which one is best for your lifestyle.

  • Original One bars derive their protein from milk protein and whey protein isolate. One Plant bars, on the other hand, contain a mix of pea, rice and almond protein. 
  • Original One bars are available in an ever-growing number of flavors, whereas One Plant bars are only made in five flavors. 
  • Original one bars have 21 grams of protein with up to 230 calories, but One Plant bars come in at 12 grams of protein and around 170 calories. 

Should you add protein bars to your diet?

Protein bars may be ideal for certain individuals to add to their diets. Those seeking high-protein, nutrient-dense snacks between meals may find protein bars more satisfying than most prepackaged snacks. Active individuals, including competitive athletes, may benefit from eating protein bars as pre- or post-recovery snacks. 

Protein bars should be worked into diets appropriately and safely. For one, they shouldn’t be a regular substitute for meals with fresh ingredients. Consuming too much protein may have adverse health effects, and according to MedlinePlus, it may lead to dehydration, loss of calcium or bloating. 

Food allergies and sensitivities 

Before adding protein supplements to your diet, including One protein bars, determine whether you have any food sensitivities or allergies.

Although One bars are gluten-free, they may contain other allergens like peanuts, tree nuts, milk or soy. Additionally, just because some bars don’t contain nuts does not mean they are safe for those with nut allergies. As One bars indicate on their labels, the bars may be manufactured on the same equipment that processes tree nuts and peanuts. 

What to look for in a quality One protein bar


The first ingredient in One protein bars are protein sources from milk, whey or plants. After that, bars may contain up to 20 ingredients, including maltitol, vegetable oils, cornstarch, palm kernel oil, tapioca starch, carnauba wax or sodium bicarbonate. One protein bars also have naturally derived flavors from real ingredients like nuts, berries and fruits. 

Flavor varieties

There are a few dozen flavors of One protein bars available. Most flavors are designed after popular comfort foods and desserts, with Blueberry Cobbler, Maple Glazed Donut and Birthday Cake among the bestselling varieties. Some flavors contain the same ingredients as real desserts, too. Chocolate Brownie, for example, contains cocoa powder, while Almond Bliss has almonds. 


Full-size original One protein bars are 2.12 ounces, whereas One Plant bars are slightly smaller at 1.59 ounces. One Minis protein bars, the smallest variety, are 0.78 ounces apiece. 

How much you can expect to spend on a One protein bar

A single One protein bar costs $2-$3. Most full-size variety packs, which contain a dozen bars, cost around $25. One Minis protein bar packages range from $23-$30, depending on the quantity. 

One protein bar FAQ

How long do One protein bars last?

A. Most One bars have expiration dates that are up to two years away. To make them last through their expiration dates, store them at room temperature, ideally in drawers or cabinets away from light. 

How often does One release new flavors?

A. The One brand tests new flavors all the time, and the ones that perform well in testing may end up on the market. On average, the company adds a couple of new flavors every year. In turn, the brand may discontinue less popular flavors.

What’s the best One protein bar to buy?

Top One protein bar

One Minis Birthday Cake Protein Bars

One Minis Birthday Cake Protein Bars

What you need to know: This new addition to the One protein bar collection features bite-sizes bars for a quick protein and energy boost on the go. 

What you’ll love: Each bar is snack-friendly at around 80 calories and 7 grams of protein. The birthday cake flavor offers the right amount of sweetness. Bars are small enough to fit inside pockets or cosmetics bags. 

What you should consider: At only 80 calories, it may not be enough to tide someone over as a snack between meals. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top One protein bar for the money

One Blueberry Cobbler Protein Bar

One Blueberry Cobbler Protein Bar

What you need to know: Blueberry cobbler remains a bestselling flavor, and according to some people, it has the right balance of sweetness and tartness. 

What you’ll love: The bar can be enjoyed at room temperature or warmed up. It has more protein than other protein bars with the same calorie count. Unlike other dessert-inspired protein bars, it doesn’t have a strong artificial taste. 

What you should consider: The flavor is hit or miss, and some people reported the bar broke easily inside the wrapper.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and iHerb

Worth checking out

One Almond Bliss Protein Bar

One Almond Bliss Protein Bar

What you need to know: If you like nut-themed protein bars but need a break from peanut butter, Almond Bliss is a tasty alternative. 

What you’ll love: The bar is made with real almonds and coconuts. Many people agree it’s a satisfying bar without weighing on the stomach heavily. It is a popular option for a breakfast bar. The bar’s texture is smooth and easy to chew. 

What you should consider: It contains other nuts for fillers, including peanuts, cashews and pecans. 

Where to buy: Sold by iHerb

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