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Which cat ball is best?

Cat ball toys are the simplest and most common cat toys out there, making it easy for owners to play with their cats by rolling the ball around the house. Because they’re common, there is a wide variety of different types, so think about what your cat might like before deciding on a specific cat ball.

One top choice is the Frisco Moppy Cat Ball, which features fun mop-like material that cats can easily grab compared to other balls, and a price point that’s hard to refuse.

What to know before you buy a cat ball

What kinds of toys your cat likes

When selecting the best cat toy, the first thing you should think about is what types of toys and activities your cat normally enjoys. Cats may enjoy chasing cat balls around or they might like other specific activities such as finding them scattered under blankets.


Some cat balls include compartments for hiding treats inside if you want to challenge your cat when they eat, while others include extra frills and bouncy materials.


Soft cat ball toys usually are made from a fabric of some sort, such as cotton or polyester. Other cat balls are made from rubber or other less-common materials. Cat balls for treats usually are made from some kind of hard plastic.

What to look for in a quality cat ball


Make sure the ball you get for your cat is safe. Stick to ball toys designed for cats and get balls that are large enough not to be swallowed by your cat.


When playing, cats are pretending to hunt, and being apex predators, cats tend to be pretty rough on their “prey.” Finding a ball that’s durable enough to stand your cat’s claws and teeth is key to not having to make a new purchase every few weeks.

Fun for your cat

Most of all, any cat ball toy should be fun for your cat. If it isn’t, consider covering the ball with catnip a few times or try a different type of cat ball toy.

How much you can expect to spend on a cat ball

You can find cheap cat balls for as low as $2, with bulk packs and ball toys with more features ranging between $8-$15.

Cat ball FAQ

Can you find furry cat ball toys for your cat?

A. There is an array of furry cat ball toys for your cat, including those they can easily use their claws with when playing. For many cats, this adds a level of enjoyment they may not find in normal cat balls.

Do cats like playing with ball toys?

A. While no two cats are alike, many cats enjoy chasing balls around the house and pretending to hunt them. If your cats don’t, try rubbing the toys with catnip before giving them to your cat – a nearly surefire way to make your cat enjoy playing with a given ball.

What’s the best cat ball to buy?

Top cat ball

Frisco Blue Moppy Polyester Textured Catnip-Filled Cat Ball

Frisco Blue Moppy Polyester Textured Catnip-Filled Cat Ball

What you need to know: Made from a simple polyester with a catnip filling, cats tend to love this moppy, textured cat ball.

What you’ll love: The texture of this cat ball is fun for cats to grab and claw at, and it’s available in blue and pink. It holds up fairly well compared to some materials, plus the added catnip filling is a great treat for when it finally begins to wear down.

What you should consider: A few buyers said their cats didn’t find this ball as fun as some of their older toys.

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy

Top cat ball for the money

Ethical Pet Four-Pack of Sponge Soccer Cat Ball Toys

Ethical Pet Four-Pack of Sponge Soccer Cat Ball Toys

What you need to know: This cat ball bundle is one of the best deals out there, featuring four soccer-ball-style spongy cat balls at a price you’d normally pay to get one ball.

What you’ll love: These soccer cat balls come with one ball in each color: pink, blue, yellow and green. Their sponge-like material is easy to throw around the house for cats to chase, and most cats like clawing at them and pretending to hunt them.

What you should consider: Some buyers reported a strange odor emitting from these cat balls.

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy

Worth checking out

Catit Cat Ball Toy With Treat Compartment

Catit Cat Ball Toy With Treat Compartment

What you need to know: If you want to encourage your pet to work for their treats, this treat cat ball is a great pick, featuring a simple spiral maze for your cat to navigate to get the treat to fall out.

What you’ll love: With an easy-to-achieve cat spiral on the inside, cats will be challenged and rewarded when getting their treats from the ball. They’re easy to load compared to many treat balls.

What you should consider: This cat ball is more expensive than most other models since it includes an internal treat compartment.

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy


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