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Small businesses near me Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS — Small businesses, we want to hear about you.

FOX59 is putting together a ‘shop local’ directory highlighting central Indiana businesses in a variety of industries, from restaurants and retail shops to contractors.

This a free directory to help people who like to shop local find businesses in their area. There is no cost to submit your information or to be included.

If you’re based in Greater Indianapolis, ownership is local, and you qualify as a small business under some type of state or federal standard, you’re eligible.

Business-to-business companies are welcome to participate, in addition to consumer businesses. You can be a sole proprietorship, a startup operating out of your basement or an established company with dozens of employees.

To be added to the directory, please complete the two steps below.

First, upload your business logo and press submit. If you don’t have a logo, you can use a relevant picture. It can be an image of the storefront or the inside of your business, or even a photo of the owner.

Then, complete the form to provide details about your business.

Direct contact information for the owner is required, in case we need to reach out with questions, but we will not publish that personal information.