Avon star Blake Fisher honors late sister with high hopes for 2020 season


INDIANAPOLIS – As Avon football star Blake Fisher is hopeful for the 2020 season to play as planned, the Notre Dame commit is a top candidate for the Mister Football Award.

Standing 6’6″, and weighing more than 330 pounds, the offensive lineman received more than 30 offers from top programs nationwide, including Alabama and Auburn.

Ultimately, the academic opportunities at Notre Dame won Fisher over.

“I want to play football at a high level,” Fisher said. “I also wanted to go to a school where academics was a priority, and I wasn’t just going to play football.”

Thursday, the IHSAA placed limits on capacity across fall sports. For each set of bleachers, no more than 50% capacity is allowed with a maximum of 250 people.

Fisher said he hopes guidelines set by the CDC and IHSAA the Oriole football program follows prevents the potential spread of COVID-19 during practices.

“We have to wear masks all the way to the field, then when we start doing hitting on the field we can take our masks off,” he said.

Staying safe amid a pandemic hits close to home for Fisher. He had a sister, Breonna, who died of a virus in 2011.

“The virus attacked her heart. It just progressively got worse as she began to get older,” he said. “They were never really able to find out what was truly wrong with her.”

Fisher told FOX59 he plans to graduate from Avon following the fall semester to join the Fighting Irish in January.

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