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INDIANAPOLIS – When it comes to numbers, Michael Pittman Jr. is keeping his and Carson Wentz is in search of a new one.

That’s one of the lesser subplots after the Indianapolis Colts acquired Wentz in a trade last week with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The veteran quarterback wore No. 11 at North Dakota State and for the last five seasons with the Eagles. However, that jersey number with the Colts belongs to Pittman.

And he’s keeping it.

“I am No. 11,’’ Pittman said in an interview with TMZ.

Pittman, one of the Colts’ 2020 second-round picks, spoke with Wentz shortly after the trade with Philadelphia became known last Thursday. They talked about possibly getting together for throwing sessions in Southern California during the offseason.

“I can’t wait to get with him and start throwing,’’ Pittman said in an interview with TMZ.

At one point, the conversation turned to jersey numbers, specifically No. 11.

“He was just seeing how locked in I was to 11 and I told him I was locked in,’’ Pittman said. “He was like, ‘That’s cool, bro. I was probably going to switch anyway.’

“It went really well. He’s just a cool guy. He didn’t try to press me or anything like that. He asked me very respectfully and I just appreciated him for that. I think that he’s a great dude because lots of guys with his status . . . would come in and they would like demand and stuff like that.

“I get to keep 11. It was a win for me.’’

Per NFL rules, quarterbacks must wear a number in the 1-19 range.

No. 18 is retired for Peyton Manning and No. 19 for John Unitas. Six numbers aren’t currently assigned to players – 1, 2, 4, 6, 10 and 17 – and two others could become available – 7 and 13 – if the Colts don’t re-sign Jacoby Brissett and T.Y. Hilton. No. 17, obviously, became available when Philip Rivers retired last month.

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