Colts enjoy night practice with fans

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Over 7,500 fans packed Anderson University on Thursday night to see their beloved Colts practice under the lights. And though the sun was out for the majority of the session, that didn’t wane the excitement of the crowd one bit.

For the players on the field, they felt and appreciated that enthusiasm.

“These are what we all dog days,” said safety Mike Adams.

“You know we are going into the second week, and the legs get tired and everything. And then at the same time you get the crowd and that extra energy. They come out here with the energy and everything, and it makes us get up for it as well. It is a great thing that they are here.”

The Colts had a perfect night of weather for Central Indiana to come out and visit, and the players on the field didn’t disappoint. Plenty of starters took to the field for one-on-one, team, and scrimmage drills, giving those who came out to support the blue and white a product on the field to enjoy.

“It’s rally an awesome atmosphere,” said tight end Colby Fleener. “As a player, it’s really cool to look out in the stands and see the people cheering and just be excited to be here for a practice. Because sometimes going out for practice might seem like the toughest part of camp, but their excitement really gives us an extra boost.”

The practice game one week before the Colts have their first preseason game of the season, an away game against the New York Jets on August 7th. Though at this point, that exhibition seems very far from the minds of the players on the field.

“At this point, we aren’t even thinking about that,” said Fleener. “I still think it’s kind of a Colts-centric mentality here. We are still in camp, not really game-planning for that yet. We’ll see in the next few days we may move towards that, but it’s still very focused on us.”

The Colts return to practice on 1:50 on Friday afternoon.

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