Colts expect physical training camp… when allowed


Head Coach Frank Reich at Colts Camp

INDIANAPOLIS – The NFL season is quickly approaching, and a grand total of zero players have been involved a real practice for six months at minimum.

There will be a need for teams to host physical training camps, getting bodies ready for a full season of a collision sport, and the Colts are no exception.

“We’ve had some pretty lively sessions anyway (in past years),” explains Colts General Manager Chris Ballard, “but we’ll probably have two or three occasions when we really get after it. We have to play. We have to get our team ready for the season. You’re going to see some more physical practices in spurts just so we can get ourselves ready to go and to be able to evaluate. You have to evaluate the game and our players going full speed. So yes, we will have a few more of those.”

Colts Head Coach Frank Reich says it’s a two-way street: You trust your players to show up in shape, but still have to make sure they are with intense work, when allowed.

“There is a ramp-up built in the schedule,” says Reich. “My mindset is when we are in a period, when we are in a phase, you’re taking the reins off and you’re going hard. You’re being physical, you’re playing hard, you’re playing fast. Everything in the schedule is built to protect them from overdoing it. I feel confident about that. So, our job will be to push, understanding the schedule is built the way it is and then we will adapt as needed as we go.”

Week two of camp approaches, which will only consist of strength and conditioning training. It won’t be until mid-August when NFL teams are allowed to practice in helmets, shells, and eventually full pads.

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