Colts players take a break in their own way during the bye week


Colts head coach Chuck Pagano on the sidelines during the Colts’ 40-24 win over the Giants.

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INDIANAPOLIS – A simple light-hearted inquiry has become a bit of a tradition on the week the Colts don’t have a game.

“How are you going to spend you bye week” is quaint yet worthy question to ask the team as they enjoy their only week without a contest for the better part of four months.

Everybody has their own answers and bundled together team-wide this week can produce a multitude of answers.

“I’m gonna visit my Fiance. She’s in law school,” said cornerback Vontae Davis-and traveling is a popular thing among the players.

Receiver T.Y. Hilton plans to get out of Indianapolis for the weekend and has a couple of spots to visit.

“I know I’m going to Miami for a little bit and then I’m going to Atlanta,” said Hilton in giving a brief itinerary of his week. “A lot of traveling.”

South Florida will be the spot for defensive tackle Ricky Jean Francois-but he plans to stay put in one place with family.

“I’m going to go to Miami and just hang out with my mom, my brother and my dad and just chill out for a minute, even though I’m going to be a football fan. You know LSU and Alabama play so I’m going to have my eyes glued on that,” said Francois-who played his college football with the Tigers.

While those players were willing to divulge where they were heading for the weekend off, others were trying to keep their plans on the down low.

“What’s my plan? I don’t want to give away my plan,” said quarterback Andrew Luck “I’ll get out of town for a little bit and relax.”

The last word of that sentence is probably the most important for the players no matter where they go. In a physical game the week off is a chance for the players to get off their feet for the stretch run of the season and for the first place Colts a possible run into late January or early February.

For veteran Cory Redding, relaxing the mind and the body is essential to a strong finish.

“I’m definitely going to take full advantage of all the active rest I can,” said Redding. “You never want to just sit down on your butt the whole time. You want to get up, move around and do something. I’m going to definitely take advantage of it.”

Like Redding, Luck believes there is the proper way to get some rest on the off week that combines a bit of rest with some less strenuous activity.

. I think you do have to get away. Not to say you go sit on a couch and watch a bunch of college football and NFL games. But there is a reason it’s a bye and that’s to rest and rejuvenate,” said Luck. “But at the same time, I don’t think you can let your mind wander too far off realizing you’ve got the New England Patriots coming into town a couple weeks from now.”

Again, it’s a couple of weeks from now.



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