Andrew Luck’s retirement impacts more than just football fans

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The retirement of former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is going to be a challenge for the Colts’ public relations and marketing department moving forward.

Bob Schultz has spent 25 years in the PR business. He currently serves as the Downtown Indy Inc. Senior Vice President of Marketing and PR.

Schultz  knows what the Colts’ marketing team will likely do next.

“You do focus on the hope,” said Schultz. “But a good communicator and a good public relations professional recognizes where their audience is. Right now, their audience has a range of emotions, mostly the common denominator of disappointment, and you don’t wax poetic over that.”

There are reminders of that disappointment on the side of Lucas Oil Stadium with a giant poster of Luck and reminders in every sports store in the city.

A signed Andrew Luck jersey is priced at $1500 right now at Collector’s Den in downtown Indy. General manager Matt Hanlon doesn’t expect to bring that price down anytime soon.

“If it’s still there come February, yeah, we are going to have to rethink what we do with that and devote the wall space to something else,” said Hanlon.

He thinks the success of his Colts merchandise depends on how well the Colts play without Luck.

“Colts win, the fans are coming out regardless,” said Hanlon.

“We don’t know, so we shouldn’t assume that they are going to be a losing team now,” added Schultz.

He thinks the Colts should promote the team’s other assets, like quarterback Jacoby Brissett. Joe Staysniak from the ‘Jeff and Big Joe Show’ has high hopes for him.

“I know Jacoby. He’s confident enough to know he can start in this league. Here’s his opportunity with a fantastic team to do just that,” said Staysniak. “So, I expect him to grab the bull by the horns and play really, really well and be your quarterback of the future.”

But even if Brissett doesn’t meet those expectations, Schultz said the Colts will survive this.

“Indianapolis is going to survive this, sports fans across the country are going to survive this,” said Schultz.

We reached out to the Colts’ marketing and PR department for this story, but were told it is too early to comment at this time.

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