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JACKSONVILLE – Win, and the playoffs await. It’s a situation every NFL team strives for: Controlling their own destiny. The Colts find themselves in that position this weekend, playing in the Sunshine State against the Jaguars.

Trouble is, they were in the exact same situation last week at home against the Raiders and couldn’t capitalize. Darius Leonard, who’s never shy to share his thoughts, explained this week what went wrong against Las Vegas and how it was more than just a gameday problem.

“I feel like last week was lackadaisical, wasn’t focused and I think this week right here, we’re locked in,” says Leonard. “If we can do it in practice, we can translate it to the game and come out of this thing with a W and let us make a run in the playoffs.

“I just don’t want guys to fall into the trap of when we were 1-4, everyone talked down on us. Then, once we went on that run, everybody started praising us. I feel like people felt like, they were accomplished and we did something. It’s not even that. So I just let them know you get one opportunity. It’s hard to get into the playoffs and it’s hard to win in this league. So, we got to make sure we can control what we can control. That’s just playing good, sound football in all three phases and just dominate and be the best team that’s out there on the field.”

If the best team won every week in the NFL, it’s likely the Colts would not be on a six-game losing streak as the road team against their AFC South rival Jaguars. Yet, that’s the situation they find themselves in, and snapping that streak will likely be needed in order to qualify for the postseason.