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INDIANAPOLIS — A Colts Blue Santa made a special trip to surprise some kids at the Garfield Park Conservatory ahead of his trip to the Colts game Saturday.

Conservatory assistant manager Elizabeth Schleicher says he came during their monthly Jungle Tales program for preschool-aged kids.

“Usually, it’s nature-themed but in December we have a train theme, so it’s a really popular one,” said Schleicher.

“It was extra special to have a surprise guest. I think the kids really loved it. Everyone was surprised and excited.”

Santa says he had a lot of fun getting to surprise the kids.

“I met some fine little youngins there. They’re all ready for Christmas. A few of them are shy and a few of them came right up to me,” Santa said.

“They were kind of shocked by the blue Santa thing, but Santa is a Colts fan!”

Many got to take pictures with him and let him know what they wanted for Christmas.

“I think any time you can spread a little holiday cheer it’s great for the community,” said Schleicher.

Santa was happy to be able to do it.

“We missed a lot last year with the virus and everything so it’s awesome to get out and have stuff like this planned.”

“Kids love Santa, blue or red I guess.”

If you and your family want to see Santa, he’ll be at the blue crew’s tailgate Saturday afternoon ahead of the game. You can look for his blue fire truck and find him to take pictures and tell him what you want for Christmas.