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INDIANAPOLIS – 14-year-old Giovanni Hamilton is living proof that you should meet your heroes.

Hamilton has been Carson Wentz’s biggest fan since 2016 when he played for the Philadelphia Eagles. He lives with Szhwartz-Jampel syndrome and has undergone 17 surgeries. When Hamilton needed comfort during his times of healing, he turned to his idol who also dealt with adversity on the field.

“He’s inspiring, because he’s amazing,” said Hamilton. “He’s persevered through all of his injuries and last week we saw him throw for over 400 yards. It was great to see him get back out there and play.” 

When Wentz was traded back in February, the lifelong Eagles fan posted a tearful goodbye to his hero. Wentz was so touched after seeing it himself that he sent Hamilton his new jersey, complete with his new number, and invited the whole family to experience a weekend in Indianapolis.

The Hamilton family had the time of their lives. Gio visited Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday night, got pied in the face by Blue, and got to throw touchdowns.

During Sunday’s Colts Texans game, Gio was shocked when Wentz gifted him a signed ball. Wentz was stoked to see him in the crowd, especially for his first win at home with the Colts.

“It was great to see Giovanni briefly before the game,” said Wentz following the win. “He’s a very special kid. It’s kids like him that remind me of the bigger picture, the role models we can be and the impact we can make.”

Whether Wentz wears midnight green, horseshoe blue, or another color, he will always have a fan in Giovanni Hamilton.

“I never would have thought in 2016 when I started liking him that he was going to feel the same way I feel about him,” said Gio, who said Indianapolis “feels like home.”