Blue the Mascot adjusting to changes on and off the field amid pandemic


INDIANAPOLIS—This Blue Friday, we are catching up with someone that can be recognized by nearly every Hoosier and is at every single Colts game: Blue the Mascot.

This year though, you won’t find Blue on the field or in the stands.

But the furry friend is still connecting with the people young and old in a new way.

The high–fiving and hug-sharing character that Colts fans have come to know and love is changing his style due to the pandemic.

“It’s muscle memory for me to go up and high five people and hug people and it’s muscle memory for our fan base to do the same. It’s been physically tough, but it’s been emotionally tough as well,” explained Trey Mock, the man known as Blue the Mascot.

This season fans can find Blue on a separate platform. Most times, the mascot will be wearing a mask.”

“We want to make sure that we’re promoting a safe and healthy lifestyle for everybody. I know some people might find it funny that Blue’s wearing a mask but we want to keep everyone safe.”

But that’s not the only thing that’s difference. Throughout the year, Blue normally visits more than 100 schools and makes other appearances. That too won’t be happening this season. Instead Blue’s gone virtual.

“We turned our garage into a studio and we’ve been producing a virtual school show and then just trying to connect on social media right now,” Mock explained,

The mascot program also just unveiled a new platform on top of Blue’s van.

That way Blue will still be able to dance and wave to Colts fans while staying social distant.

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