Blue is breaking all the mascot rules! He’s taking his mask off and encouraging middle and high schoolers around Indiana to do the same.

Blue’s School Shoes is all about encouraging Hoosier kids to take their masks off and be their authentic, real self.

“I’m breaking all the rules today for mascots,” said Trey Mock, Colt’s mascot program manager. “Why would I? We think there’s a higher purpose here.”

Mock is no stranger to a mask. He donned the tiger suit for Auburn University and now manages the mascot program for the Indianapolis Colts. 

“Doing this, I’ve had to step out from behind my mask as well,” Mock said.

He and his crew have traveled to more than 2,000 schools since Blue’s School Shoes began in 2017, sharing the message about the importance of taking your mask off.

“The mask of popularity, social media, materialistic things,” Mock said. “It’s when we can shed that we can figure out who we are and connect with other people and hopefully change the world.”

“Hearing a message from Blue, that they’re not alone and there are ways to cope and deal with this. It’s a powerful thing,” said Chad Mann, district mentor at Beech Grove Middle School.

Mann has been a teacher at Beech Grove Middle School for 28 years.

“We have great kids here,” Mann said. “I think that’s what makes Beech Grove so special is because we aren’t the biggest, so we know the kids and the families.”

“When we go to middle schools and high schools, this is a really pivotal moment in their lives,” Mock said. “They can make changes now that can forever impact their lives and change other lives for the better. I think that’s an important thing to do at this age.”

 Blues School Shoes is part of the Colts’ mission to be an active part of the community. The program is free for schools. You can learn more on how to get them to your school by clicking here.