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INDIANAPOLIS — Yes, Jacoby Brissett will face his former team as the Indianapolis Colts travel to Miami this Sunday to take on his Dolphins.

No, Brissett is not buying into any “payback” narrative.

“It makes it more than what it is,” said Brissett. “I’m not here for a revenge game or anything like that. I want to win just because I’m playing football in the National Football League.”

That competitive attitude is one Brissett’s old teammates in Indy know well.

“If you got someone on offense talking trash on every play, you gotta shut him up,” said Darius Leonard with a smile.

Brissett’s knowledge of the Colts’ defense will certainly help him Sunday afternoon, but in this case, knowledge is a two-way street.

“The type of player he is, we know he’s gonna try to extend downs, make plays,” explained DeForest Buckner. “We have to get after him early and often throughout the game.”

“They think I’m gonna know everything they’re doing,” said Brissett. “At the same time, you gotta stop one another, go against it. It’s gonna take good fundamentals, good technique.”

And good execution too, as the Colts seek their first win of the 2021 season.