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INDIANAPOLIS — Ahead of Saturday night’s prime time matchup against the New England Patriots, the Indianapolis Colts are going to need some motivation!

Come Saturday, they’ll get it by the thousands of dedicated fans that pack Lucas Oil Stadium every home game.

Matthew Kochevar has been a season ticket holder since 2020. However, because of the pandemic, this is his first season where he can put his two club level tickets to use in person.

“I was very excited to start coming to games,” he said. “I love live football, much like any sport. I just think the atmosphere, and just being around people who love the team, it just adds on to the watchability of the game.”

Kochevar’s interest in being a ticket holder started in 2019, after winning seats to a game from the Hoosier Lottery.

“Took a friend, absolutely loved it. It was a great game, great atmosphere here in club level,” he said.

It’s a view he considers as the best seats in the house with a bird’s eye frame of the field.

“From the angle, it is like you’re watching it on tv,” he said. “What I like is that I can see them right on the 30-yard line, but I can still see the entire field. So whichever side the Colts are going down to score, you get a good vantage point.”

“It is just awesome when they get big plays off because the crowd just explodes!” he added.

It’s the same excitement for season ticker holder, Pamela Blackburn (also known as “Mom”), feels in her seats from section 151, two rows from the end zone, which she shares with her husband, David (aka “Dad”).

“We absolutely love it because we’re on the visitors team’s side, and we get to hang over the railing and razz the visiting team as they come in!” she said.

The Blackburns have been season ticket holders since the 80s, back when the Colts were still playing in the Hoosier Dome. Through new stadiums and historic plays, they’ve made memories, up close with the team, ever since they came to Indianapolis.

For The Blackburns, the football lifestyle is natural, so the opportunity to be season ticket holders came as a no-brainer.

“We’re a football family. Ever since my son started playing in the second grade, that’s all we’ve been doing is going to football games,” she said, “and the fact that we had an opportunity to attend a NFL professional game, here in Indianapolis, the whole city was excited when they first came here.”

“I think the most exciting thing for me, at the time, was where our seats were,” she added. “Everything was so up close. We just kept walking down, and walking down, and walking down, and I kept saying ‘Where are our seats?’ and the farther we got down to the field, the more excited I became.”

For Kochevar and Blackburn, they say the Colts experience is unmatched. That’s why they plan to remain ticket holders as long as they’re able.

“There is nothing that beats coming to a live Colts game and experiencing, what I would consider, a very, very large close-knit family cheering on the home team,” said Kochevar.

“We keep paying the money because we love the atmosphere. We love the Colts. We love the downtown hype. We just love it all,” Blackburn said, “So yes, hopefully, we’ll be in the same seats as long as the Colts are still going strong here in Indianapolis… So will the Blackburns.”

Tickets are on sale for the 2022 Colts season, which includes eight regular season home games and two pre-season. For more on how to become a season ticket holder, visit the Colts website and fill out the contact form.