INDIANAPOLIS — Colts fans we talked to are looking forward to the future after one of the craziest days for the horseshoe in recent memory.

Frank Reich’s firing and Colts legend Jeff Saturday’s hiring was a mix of emotions for fans.

“I thought it was a joke,” said Colts fan Cameron Gregson.

“I was shocked when I heard it,” said John Dorian, a Colts fan since moving to Indy in 2008.

It’s no joke, Super Bowl Champion Jeff Saturday will be back on the Colts sideline – this time as the leading man.

A move that seems to be bringing some excitement to some fans.

”The guy is just off the chain when it comes to football,” Dorian said.

Lifelong super fan and founder of the Blue Crew, Randy Collins, said the move is something he did not expect.

”It’s a shocker, it really is, but you stop and think about it, it’s a good fit,” Collins said. “He’s a Colt man.”

You’ll see Jeff Saturday in a few of the pictures in Collins’ Colts themed basement.

”That’s an awesome picture of old Jeff right there,” Collins said, pointing to a framed photo of Jeff Saturday getting ready to spike the ball to Peyton Manning.

Collins said he thinks all Colts fans saw the Frank Reich firing coming, especially after the abysmal loss to the Patriots Sunday.

”I’ve been mad at quite a few games but that one just made your stomach sick man,” he said.

But a Jeff Saturday hiring is something no one saw coming, but hopefully something that gets everyone going.

”It might be the spark we needed to get things going in the right direction, you know it can’t hurt,” said Collins.

That’s the thought from other colts fans we talked to, essentially – why not?

”Might as well not be boring and bad, bad and interesting is a better combination,” said Gregson.

Saturday comes in with no prior coaching experience in college or the pros, but that’s not distracting some fans.

”Not at all, he played the game, anybody that has played the game has the ability,” Dorian said.

Saturday won’t make his second Lucas Oil debut until November 19, but Collins is confident it’ll be a loud one.

”It’s going to be an exciting game to watch just to see Jeff on a sideline in a coaching position,” he said.

Coach Saturday’s first game will be against the Las Vegas Raiders and we already have a bit of a look at the scouting report. Just more than a week ago, Saturday tweeted “Raiders look horrible.”

At the time he was just an ESPN analyst, now he’s the coach of the Colts.