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INDIANAPOLIS — Is it superstition or more like winner’s intuition?

“Back in 2004, we did the same year, 1956. We went to Detroit, on Thanksgiving Day, and won pretty big in everything, but it was on the road,” said Indianapolis Colts Archivist and Curator Jon Scott, “We did want to go back to that same year, but of course have a home game, where we could wear blue jerseys not on the road.”

As the Colts prepare to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, the team is hoping history will serve as a good luck charm once again.

The team is expected to play in a replica jersey from the 1956 era. The historic threads pay tribute to what was the Baltimore Colts, and its 1956 Hall of Fame roster, including former coach Weeb Ewbank, a Hoosier and native of Richmond, Indiana.

“Back then, the jerseys were made of a cotton blend,” said Scott, “It was more designed to have the players stay warm with long sleeves.”

A retro spin on today’s NFL look, Scott says the blue throwback jerseys still share similarities to the original, including the iconic three stripes on the shoulder, the white pants with a blue single side stripe, and the white helmet with a blue single stripe and two blue horseshoes on the back.

“Certainly, quite a lot of change because of the way jerseys are cut, and much better for the players, very light jersey, moisture wicking material,” said Scott, “They’re much tighter and certainly no long sleeves!”

Along with the team, the Colts Cheerleaders, who also became the NFL’s first cheer squad dating back to 1954, will also sport throwback uniforms in tribute.