FRANKFURT, Germany — The Indianapolis Colts are getting ready to face off against the New England Patriots on Sunday in Frankfurt, Germany, and FOX59/CBS4 is bringing all the action to you stateside.

FOX59/CBS4 Sports Anchor Chris Hagan is traveling with the team to Germany to bring viewers an inside look at how the team prepares for an overseas NFL game.

First, Hagan spoke with NFL fans in Germany.

“This is the first time I’m ever seeing American football live,” one fan said. “I have seen it on TV, of course, but more for the halftime shows.”

While many people Hagan spoke to on the streets weren’t exactly fans of the Colts, they were familiar with the NFL in general.

For a full look at Hagan speaking with NFL fans in Germany, watch the video below:

Then, Hagan explored how the sport of American football is growing overseas.

The sports anchor dropped by a flag football clinic in Germany and spoke with young fans of the game looking to hone their skills.

Colts Safety and German native Marcel Dabo said he believes the exposure to the game is important.

“You’ve got to start them young,” Dabo said, “so flag football is a great opportunity.”

For a full breakdown of how the sport is growing in Germany, watch the video below:

Finally, Hagan honed in on how the Colts themselves are adjusting to the new time zone, new country and new practice schedule.

Players such as Colts center Ryan Kelley and wide receiver Alec Pierce spoke with Hagan about the adjustment.

For a full breakdown of what the Colts had to say about their overseas trip, watch the video at the top of this article.