PHILADELPHIA — A joint practice between the Colts and Eagles ended early Tuesday after a brawl broke out on the field between Philadelphia center Jason Kelce and Indianapolis linebacker Zaire Franklin.

According to reports, Kelce took exception to Franklin’s hitting Eagles running back Kenny Gainwell late on consecutive plays, which led Kelce to push Franklin onto the ground. Punches were thrown, and both benches were cleared.

After practice ended, Kelce talked to reporters and took ownership of his action that led to the brawl.

“We try and keep things civil on the field, and I pride myself on being a guy that sustains the emotions and level of play out there, and I let my emotions get the better of me,” Kelce said. “That certainly doesn’t belong out there on the field, and a little ashamed that it got to that level.”

Kelce said he did not speak with Franklin after practice because the intentions were still high.

The two teams are scheduled to meet in Philadelphia on Thursday night’s preseason finale.

In addition, Franklin said that he still has respect for Kelce and hinted that revenge may come Thursday night.

“When you have joint practices against other organizations, sometimes your speed ain’t their speed,” Franklin said. “People get offended. That’s life.

“Growing up in Philly, watching [Kelce] for a long time — a lot of respect for him. Talked to him a little bit after we played them last year. I thought the OGs would at least look me in the eye before [hitting me], but it’s all good. I might get a chance to look him in the eye Thursday, so we’ll be OK.”