INDIANAPOLIS – Corporate synergy, cross-promotion, and a bit of fun ensure a group of Colts’ games at Lucas Oil Stadium will be super, as the team has paired with Marvel Entertainment to feature themed promotions on three Sundays in 2022.

“Here in Indiana,” explains Colts VP of Marketing Stephanie Pemberton, “everyone has a Colts story, and everyone probably has a superhero story. If you go around and ask any age, ‘who’s your favorite superhero?’, they’ve all got a superhero they’ve grown up admiring, and they’ve probably got a Colts player they’ve grown up admiring. It was cool for us to be able to bring both of those things together.”

Through the partnership with Marvel, several star Colts players will themselves turn into superheroes this year in limited edition comic books the team will give away at games.

“It was very authentic to each player,” adds Pemberton. “We brought their personality traits and character traits into kind of their superhero powers, which was a lot of fun. Obviously, Blue’s superhero power has something to do with pies, but you’ve got a little bit of the other players, whether it’s speed, agility, being able to catch things, it’s been fun to be able to play to those unique characteristics.”

The Colts will feature these Marvel-themed promotions at their three home games against AFC South competition: the Jaguars, the Texans, and the Titans.

“Once you get to the games,” says Pemberton, “you’ll head out to Touchdown Town, the fans in Touchdown Town will get a special edition coozie featuring our Colts superheroes. When you come into the gates, the first 50,000 fans are gonna get a special comic book featuring our Colts superheroes. Then we’ll have character appearances and some other things as well.”

The Colts spent more than nine months working with Marvel Entertainment to make sure this collaboration hits home.

“Our players and Blue, they are kind of superheroes in our fans eyes,” explains Pemberton, “and especially younger fans, so we thought this would be a cool way to bring both things together.”