Colts super fan turns artistic talent to recreating iconic, old sports figurines into modern stars

Indianapolis Colts

CARMEL, Ind. — Colts super fan Mike Bostic can usually be found at games dressing up as “Clony Dungy,” a lookalike of famous Colts head coach Tony Dungy. These days he’s turning his talents toward dressing up old sports figurines into modern day heroes.

“In January, I was talking to Tony Walker who played for the Colts,” said Bostic. “He encouraged me to look into these bigger figures. He was like there is a demand for them. I was able to transfer my skills from painting electric football miniatures to these.”

In the 1990s, Starting Lineup figures were the rage with fans, but come the 2000s, highly detailed McFarlane figures took over as the trend. Currently, neither company is creating figures.

“You can’t get a Jonathon Taylor McFarlane figure because they don’t exist, and that’s where I come into play,” tells Bostic.

He converts these old figures into local heroes like Indiana Pacers’ Miles Turner or the Colts’ Darius Leonard. He starts by boiling the figures, so the glue detaches from the limbs. This allows him to mix and match faces or body parts. From there, he primes the figures white before painting them with intricate detail. At times he even sculpts his own hair or mustaches. He’s sold a few online, and has even had current players get some.

“I was able to share my figure this summer with Isaiah Rodgers who’s a current Colt,” said Bostic.

If this sports art form interests you, and you are looking to get figures of your own to work with, Bostic suggests looking of them on Ebay or in antique stores. You may be able to find them in bulk orders.

“I enjoy the hunt. I like going to a flea market, and being like, ‘Oh this is something I can use.”

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